Digital Versions

The digital versions of the Schlosslichtspiele Karlsruhe

Karlskompensator, Crushed Eyes Media (2021)

To mark BBBank’s 100th birthday, the BBBank Newcomer Award was presented for the first time this year. The winning production, »Karlskompensator«, by Crushed Eyes Media, takes us on a fantastic journey. This leads us »back to the future« – across the history of the city of Karlsruhe. Social and technological milestones are visited with the »Karlskompensator« and visualised in projection mapping on the Karlsruhe castle façade. A specially created musical composition accompanies the external impressions at Karlsruhe Castle.

Synthetic Sonnets, Antonin Krizanic (2021)

In his »Synthetic Sonnets« Antonin Krizanic condenses the future and the present on the baroque body of Karlsruhe Castle. In the interaction of futuristic and organic elements, a song of togetherness in diversity develops. Dvoraks’s strangely melodic music "Aus der Neuen Welt", remixed by Dure Holiday, accompanies this light-filled volume of images. Head and heart meet in audiovisual poetry – a festival of lights of togetherness.

Attitude Indicator, TNL (2020)

The Nightlab (TNL) has been creating projection mappings since 1999 and is a pioneer of the genre. Since then, they have created more than 800 projects all over the world. TNL itself continuously develops new technical methods, such as real-time motion detection or visual effects. The Bielefeld-based company developed their new show Attitude Indicator specially for this year's Schlosslichtspiele, which means that we will experience its world premiere. In eight scenes, we gaze upon two possible planets Earth: a dead one on the left and a living one on the right, as if we're at a fork in the road and have to decide the direction to take. Fire and water, industry and nature, decay and growth confront one another, their values in an ever-faster race for the final decision. What will the end look like?

Changes3, (2020)

During the corona pandemic, we've experienced what change can mean - a standstill. Yet change has many dynamic dimensions - many more than three. Change is also an opportunity, a voucher for the future. We just have to redeem it. Change can mean that we, ourselves, have the power to change the world. The sounds of Rüstungsschmiede's new work draw us into a tunnel and tumult of perception that don't only effectively change the castle façade, but also show how change and its effects are brought about by people who take their futures into their own hands. One such possible future: Europe.

Matter Matters, Maxin10sity (2020)

The new work of the audience favourite Maxin10sity is a furioso of visual effects. These effects, however, play with the architectural vocabulary of the palace. In doing so, they turn the solid walls of the palace, the façade, the windows, the portals into free-floating patterns and symbols. The bricks of the palace become weightless, and it appears as though they begin to sing. The floating palace becomes a visual song.