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August 2024 - Entrance free

The Motto of the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE 2023:

“Horizons of Hope. Dawn of Devices”

From 16 August 2023, Light Festival Karlsruhe will enter its ninth year. The festival will be held under the motto “Horizons of Hope. Dawn of Devices”, chosen by Peter Weibel, who was curator of Light Festival Karlsruhe and artistic and scientific director of the ZKM until his unexpected death in March this year.

“With the “Dawn of Devices” he left us the following thoughts: “From the hand axe to the computer mouse, human civilisation thrives on the progress of tools. The microscope and telescope have allowed humans to make things, res invisibiles, visible that are inaccessible to the naked eye. Radiation technology allows us to see the inside of the body without opening it. Through tele-technology, from television to the internet, we can distribute messages such as images, texts and sounds without the need for messengers to go anywhere. With the upright walk, two paws became two hands. With them, craftsmanship began. With my hands I could create tools and with these tools I could create new tools. Following the hand, the head became the most important tool with which research and the formation of theory were advanced as the central driver of progress and the emancipation of humanity from the state of nature. From astronomy to medicine, from bacteriology to biology, from chemistry to physics, these are the tools that open up new horizons for us and improve human life on planet Earth.”

The subtitle “Dawn of Devices” echoes the idea behind “Renaissance 3.0”, an exhibition at the ZKM conceived by Peter Weibel and running at the ZKM until 7 January 2024. In this context, he spoke of the new tools for art. At least six new shows will be presented every evening at Karlsruhe Castle from 16 August.

Shows 2023

„Hoffnungshorizonte. Dawn of Devices“


Maxin10sity, 2023

80´s Flash


The Fox, The Folks, 2023



Cluster Kollektiv, 2023

For headlights crave hindsight too


SÍNOCA, 2023






Kraftwerk, 2023



Peter Weibel & Hotel Morphilla Orchester, Nikolaus Völzow, 2023

Wir sind Daten


Jonas Denzel, 2018 & 2023

Hands On (NEW)

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BBBank-Award 2023

“The Fox, The Folks” from Indonesia win third edition of BBBank Award and present their show “BHINNEKA EXPRESS”

76 applications from all over the world have been received for the BBBank Award as part of LIGHT FESTIVAL Karlsruhe in the UNESCO City of Media Arts. Now the jury led by Prof. Peter Weibel has chosen the award winners. The winner of the first   prize at the BBBank Award 2023 is “The Fox, The Folks” from Indonesia with their work “BHINNEKA EXPRESS” as part of “LIGHT FESTIVAL 2023”. Second place goes to Overlapping-Studio_Simone Serlenga, an Italian working in Berlin, with his project “AI + GA (Artificial Intelligence + Generative Art)”. The third place of the BBBank Award is being awarded twice to Sínoca from Spain for “Humanity” and NBS, a Karlsruhe collective consisting of Charlotte Nies, Armin Baehr and Florian Schwarz, for their project entitled “For headlights crave hindsight too”.

All four award winners will present their works at LIGHT FESTIVAL 2023 on the baroque façade of Karlsruhe Castle. In addition, the main prize for the first-placed submission comes with 10,000 euros as well as a production cost subsidy, and the selected second- and third-placed submissions are awarded tiered prizes of 5,000 euros and 2,000 euros.  

Congratulation to all the award winners!

BBBank-Award 2023


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Digital Version


After their big success with the digital edition 2020, this year you can watch six digital shows of the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE 24 hours around the clock.

The following shows are available:
- Resilience, Atelier v3 (2022)
- Karlskompensator, Crushed Eyes Media (2021)
- Synthetic Sonnets, Antonin Krizanic (2021)
- Attitude Indicator, TNL (2020)
- Changes3, (2020)
- Matter Matters, Maxin10sity (2020)

To the digital version...