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15. August until 15. September 2024 - Entrance free!

SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE 2024 under the motto "Everybody counts"

Anniversary: SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE enter their 10th edition

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Basic Law. Right next to Karlsruhe Palace is the Federal Constitutional Court, the place where our constitution is interpreted and watched over. It is therefore only natural that the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Light Festival Karlsruhe will be focussing on law, freedom and democracy in the anniversary year and that Karlsruhe, as the residence of law and as a UNESCO City of Media Arts, will merge with each other in the projections on the palace façade. While artists and collectives will focus on individual aspects under the umbrella term of law in their projection mapping works, the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Karlsruhe will be organised under the overarching motto "Everybody counts". Everyone, or rather everyone, counts.

"More than ever, as the world seems increasingly polarised and contested, we need to come together as people, to gather in a place where we all have a voice, where we are all respected and where we are all heard," says Alistair Hudson, Artistic Director of the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. "Being able to contribute and participate equally, with full rights and fearless hearts, is the foundation of democracy. This is a place where everyone counts."

The BBBank Award 2024 goes to Ukraine!

Julia Shamsheieva wins the BBBank Award 2024 / Over 70 applications from all over the world

The winners of the BBBank Award have been announced. From more than 70 submissions on the topic of "Law", the jury has selected three favorites that will be shown as projection mapping at the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELEN Karlsruhe 2024 at Karlsruhe Palace.

Julia Shamsheieva impressed the jury with her work "Liberty Enlightening the World" and won first prize in the BBBank Award 2024. The audiovisual artist from Ukraine experiments with various media such as video mapping, digital art, light and interactive installations, AR and VR and has already won various prizes, for example at the iMapp Festival in Bucharest and the Grand Prize of the Circle of Light in Moscow. Second place went to Julian Hölscher from Bremen. In his work "Letters of liberty", he deals with education as one of the cornerstones of democracy. His aim is to entertain, surprise, enlighten and make people think. Third place in the BBBank Award 2024 went to the RESORB collective with their work "Discourse". In the Berliners' contribution, abstract beings illustrate how democracy can work.

The BBBank Award, organized by the ZKM Karlsruhe in cooperation with the BBBank, invited international artists to work on the theme of law and democracy in 2024, as the Federal Republic of Germany celebrates 75 years of the German Basic Law in 2024 and the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE make reference to this. As the seat of the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Court of Justice, Karlsruhe itself is the seat of law in Germany. 73 artists and collectives from all over the world applied, including from European countries as well as Iran, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Mexico and Lebanon.

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Digital Version


After their big success with the digital edition 2020, this year you can watch six digital shows of the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE 24 hours around the clock.

The following shows are available:
- Resilience, Atelier v3 (2022)
- Karlskompensator, Crushed Eyes Media (2021)
- Synthetic Sonnets, Antonin Krizanic (2021)
- Attitude Indicator, TNL (2020)
- Changes3, (2020)
- Matter Matters, Maxin10sity (2020)

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