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August 2023

BBBank-Award 2023

“The Fox, The Folks” from Indonesia win third edition of BBBank Award and present their show “BHINNEKA EXPRESS”

76 applications from all over the world have been received for the BBBank Award as part of LIGHT FESTIVAL Karlsruhe in the UNESCO City of Media Arts. Now the jury led by Prof. Peter Weibel has chosen the award winners. The winner of the first   prize at the BBBank Award 2023 is “The Fox, The Folks” from Indonesia with their work “BHINNEKA EXPRESS” as part of “LIGHT FESTIVAL 2023”. Second place goes to Overlapping-Studio_Simone Serlenga, an Italian working in Berlin, with his project “AI + GA (Artificial Intelligence + Generative Art)”. The third place of the BBBank Award is being awarded twice to Sínoca from Spain for “Humanity” and NBS, a Karlsruhe collective consisting of Charlotte Nies, Armin Baehr and Florian Schwarz, for their project entitled “For headlights crave hindsight too”.

All four award winners will present their works at LIGHT FESTIVAL 2023 on the baroque façade of Karlsruhe Castle. In addition, the main prize for the first-placed submission comes with 10,000 euros as well as a production cost subsidy, and the selected second- and third-placed submissions are awarded tiered prizes of 5,000 euros and 2,000 euros.  

Congratulation to all the award winners!


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Digital Version


After their big success with the digital edition 2020, this year you can watch six digital shows of the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE 24 hours around the clock.

The following shows are available:
- Resilience, Atelier v3 (2022)
- Karlskompensator, Crushed Eyes Media (2021)
- Synthetic Sonnets, Antonin Krizanic (2021)
- Attitude Indicator, TNL (2020)
- Changes3, (2020)
- Matter Matters, Maxin10sity (2020)

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