Karlsruhe | August 5 through September 13, 2020


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We have been receiving a host of enquiries as to whether or how Covid-19 is likely to affect this year the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE. With about four months remaining until the events are due to take place, we very much hope that the corona crisis will be over by then. As such, we are continuing our preparations for the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE.
Nevertheless, there is no way of telling how the situation is likely to develop. Without a doubt, the safety and health of all our visitors, but also of our staff, partners, and society as a whole are our top priority. We are therefore closely monitoring developments and maintaining close contact with the responsible authorities.
Unfortunately, we are also unable to make any clear predictions. Until this crisis is over, there is only one thing we can do: not panic, but instead maintain good hygiene practices (e. g., wash your hands!), follow the recommendations and instructions provided by the authorities, and offer our support to those who are classed as vulnerable. We will not let a virus get the better of us. We can get through this together.

None of us has ever experienced such a situation. For precisely that reason, it is difficult for us to answer all the questions we receive comprehensively and concretely. Nevertheless, we would like to address the most frequently asked questions below and will update the answers here as the situation develops.
Will the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE be taking place?
As things stand at present, we expect the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE to be going ahead in 2020. Our preparations are continuing unabated. Only at a much later date will the authorities be able to decide the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE will have to be called off. But this will only be the case if the corona crisis becomes considerably worse in the coming months.
Are you concerned about the risk of infection? How can you minimise the risk during the festival?
Yes, of course. We are always thinking of ways to make our events safer. In view of the current situation surrounding the coronavirus, prevention is, of course, paramount and we are looking at ways to avoid the spread of the virus. To this end, concepts are currently being developed in close cooperation with the responsible authorities and are being prepared for implementation.
The website https://corona.karlsruhe.de provides information issued by the city and district of Karlsruhe on the measures being taken in Karlsruhe to combat the coronavirus. Information relating to the entire federal state is provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Baden-Württemberg at https://sozialministerium.baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/gesundheit-pflege/gesundheitsschutz/infektionsschutz-hygiene/informationen-zu-coronavirus/.



A reviev of all artists you can find under "Artists"


In 2019 we presented five new shows

And many hightlights of the last seasons of SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE

  • Maxin10sity "300 Fragments" (2015)
  • Maxin10sity "LEGACY" (2016)
  • Maxin10sity "Structures of Life" (2017)
  • Global Illumination "The Object of the Mind" (2018)
  • Xenorama "Oneironaut" (2015)
  • Jonas Denzel "Hands on" (2018)
  • László Szolt Bordos / Bordos.Art.Works "Reverb" (2015)
  • Jesper Wachtmeister / Solaris Filmproduktion "Reflections" (2015)
  • Hauslaib Lichtwelten "Paperlife" (2016)
  • Eyal Gever "CLEANSING" (2017)
  • Urbanscreen "INHOMOGENEOUS" (2017)
  • Playmodes Studio "Dazz" (2015)
  • ruestungsschmie.de "noise3" (2015)
  • DSG animation + vfx "Defilee zum 100. Geburtstag der Avantgarde" (2016)

More informations you can find in our program booklet.

New shows of the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE 2019


»Our only blue One« (2019)

With their new show “Our only blue One”, the artist group Maxin10sity takes its audience on a one-of-a-kind journey, starting with the Big Bang and leading viewers through the mists of the universe, through black holes and mystic worlds, all the way to our solar system and planet Earth. We must preserve this unique place, this treasure in an otherwise hostile, infinite space. With stunning, immersive images, the artists remind us of the significance of our habitat and our responsibility to preserve and maintain it. The images have an overwhelming effect that evokes love for this planet in its full intensity. Maxin10sity is a Hungarian artist collective that has taken part in the last three editions of the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE and has become a real crowd pleaser. In the past, the group has implemented projection mapping projects for the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the Brandenburg Gate, and the parliament building in Bucharest.

In cooperation with: KIT-Zentrum Klima und Umwelt

Maxin10sity on the web:

Official Website




Global Illumination

»Evolution of Life« (2019)

This year’s new commissioned works also include “Evolution of Life” by Global Illumination. The spectacular show is devoted to the origins of all life. From the cosmic dimension, to microscopic formations of the first organisms, bacteria, cells, and DNA, the artists present the primordial soup and the unique development of Earth’s species and life-forms. With a spectacular combination of narration and projection, Global Illumination manages to transform the palatial building into a teeming Noah’s Ark. Acoustic design plays a particularly important role: Every geological era and every evolutionary stage is underlined by a perfectly designed soundscape in which all visual impulses are synchronised with the music, and innovative, audio-reactive, generative animations are blended to reinforce the connection between sound and image. Global Illumination is a collective formed of visual artists and filmmakers, focusing on short films, animations, video mapping, and AV performances. The collective’s shared vision is to combine breath-taking, original visuals with messages that help spread knowledge. They have created numerous short films, animations, music videos, advertisements, stage sets, and VJ performances for festivals in Hungary and Portugal.

Global Illumination on the web:




»Walls of Perception« (2019)

Inspired by psychedelic art and the philosophy of the 1960s, the projection show “Walls of Perception” by the artists belonging to the group XENORAMA describes the consciousness-expanding journey of a fictitious protagonist. Kaleidoscope-like spaces, displays as if from another world, and seemingly impossible scenes culminate in an atmospheric representation of infinity displayed on the façade of the castle.

XENORAMA on the web:

Official Website




Antonin Krizanic according to a concept of Peter Weibel

»Evolution of Love« (2019)

In the face of the infinite universe and the Earth as the only place where life as we know it exists, we grasp the uniqueness and preciousness of life. The ZKM, which is contributing its own work to the Schlosslichtspiele for the first time this year, conceived the work “Evolution of Love” in collaboration with Antonin Krizanic (Global Illumination). The work celebrates the miracle of love that brings together the forces of life, making life on Earth possible in the first place. On a scientific basis, the ZKM shows the emergence of life and love as guarantors of life in several phases. The Earth as a garden of Eden becomes a paraphrase. Again and again, ideas of paradise emerge, in which Earth is transformed into a garden of Eden, in which hate, destruction, and enmity cannot have a place.

ZKM on the web:

Official Website





Antonin Krizanic und Christina Zartmann

»Woodstock Vision« (2019)

50 years ago, in 1969, Michael Lang and Artie Kornfeld organised the legendary Woodstock Festival: Three Days of Peace and Music. Michael Lang says, "But ultimately, however, Woodstock was about freedom: the freedom to be yourself in a place of creativity and tolerance. Celebrate that freedom every day." Photographer Elliott Landy captured the festival in stiking pictures. You will see the exhibition "Elliott´s Landy Woodstock Vision - The Spirit Of A Generation" at the Schlosslichtspiele in Karlsruhe and a photo exhibition in the stop windows of selected shops in the city centre.


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With its 170 meters of projection surface, the castle of Karlsruhe is perhaps the largest, but definitely the most beautiful screen in Germany. 24 high performance projectors make the castle shine in a different splendor every night – available for everyone free of charge, in the center of Karlsruhe. Already during the first year of the “Schlosslichtspiele”, the “Schlossplatz” – the actual heart of Karlsruhe – was rediscovered by the people of Karlsruhe and enjoyed great popularity among all ages and income groups every night. Over the course of the summer, the “Schlossplatz” became the meeting point for everyone in Karlsruhe as well as tourists. It is a success story that continues in 2017.

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Impressions of Schlosslichtspiele 2019

Photos: Uli Deck



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The ZKM | Center for Art and Media is a cultural institution that is unique worldwide, because it is a place that expands the original purposes of a museum. It is a place of all media and genres, of room-based arts, such as paintings, photography, and sculptures, as well as of time-based arts such as film, video, media art, music, dance, theater, and performance. The ZKM was founded in 1989 as a museum with the mission to perpetuate classic arts with the digital age. That is why it is sometimes also called the “electronic or digital Bauhaus” – an expression that is ascribed to Heinrich Klotz. Furthermore, the ZKM is also home to institutes and laboratories, in which people do scientific research, develop, and produce. Besides making sure that the original main idea of a museum, namely that works of art do not disappear, the ZKM has also taken over the task of creating the conditions for the creation of works of art – by guest artists and also by its employees. That is why it is called center and not museum.