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The SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE show will go on!

Karlsruhe city council votes to continue event through 2020

Good news for all fans of the KARLSRUHE SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE: The KARLSRUHE SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE light show will continue to be held at the Karlsruhe castle through 2020, following a unanimous decision by the Karlsruhe city council.

In 2018, the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE will be held from July 28th to September 9th. On Saturday, August 4th, no light show will be held due to the KAMUNA museum night, which will be happening inside the castle at the Karlsruhe Museum.

The KARLSRUHE SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE premiered in 2015 in honor of the city’s 300th birthday. Since then, the program has attracted roughly one million visitors to the castle’s forecourt, making the castle the focal point of leisure activity in the city.

So in 2018, we can once again look forward to six weeks of unique and breathtaking light projections at the KARLSRUHE SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE.

Let’s continue to light up the castle in the years ahead!



Artists of SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE 2018 will be announced

Review Artists 2017

Asymptote: Hani Rashid + Lise Anne Couture

»Hyperfine Splitting 008_Mediations on Jakob´s Ladder, 2017«

Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture formed the art and architecture collaborative Asymptote in 1989 in New York City. Their innovative and visionary works have received global acclaim, and in 2004 they were awarded the prestigious Friedrich-Kiesler-Preis für Architektur und Kunst and named by Time magazine as Leaders in Innovation for the 21st Century. Asymptote’s installations have been presented at numerous museums, including MoMA and the Guggenheim, as well as Documenta XI. (Photo: Naho Kubota Photography)

Asymptote: Hani Rashid + Lise Anne Couture on the web:

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Eyal Gever


Eyal Gever (b. 1970 in Tel Aviv) has been involved with the development of 3-D technologies for nearly 20 years and has received numerous awards for his innovations in the fields of multimedia design and technology. In 2014, working for NASA, he began development on the first artwork to be produced in outer space, using a 3-D printer designed for zero gravity: a sculpture based on a visualization of the sound of human laughter. (Foto: Eyal Gever, 2016)

Eyal Gever im Web:

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Greg Lynn

»Rolling Eye, 2017«

Greg Lynn (b. 1964 in Ohio) has redefined the design of complex functional, ergonomic, and biomorphic forms via digital technology. In 2008 he won the Golden Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennale. In 2001, Time magazine named him one of the 21st century’s 100 most innovative people. He is currently a professor of architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and at the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture in Los Angeles.

Greg Lynn on the web:

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»Structures of Life, 2017«

The work of Hungarian artist collective Maxin10sity has already been shown at the last two iterations of the Karlsruhe Schlosslichtspiele. The group has also put on projections at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest.

Maxin10sity on the web:

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Urbanscreen is a Bremen-based artist collective specializing in site-specific multimedia installations in public spaces. Since 2005, the work of this interdisciplinary team of architects, media artists, set designers, musicians, and technology specialists has focused on the dialogue between video art and urban communication. (Foto: Urbanscreen, 2017)

Urbanscreen im Web:

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Peter Weibel

»Velografie für Drais, 2017«

Peter Weibel (b. 1944 in Odessa) has been the director of Karlsruhe’s ZKM | Center for Art and Media since 1999 and a professor of media theory at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna since 1984.

Zaha Hadid Architects


For over 40 years, the London-based architecture and design studio Zaha Hadid Architects has been realizing breathtaking architecture projects around the world, including the Guangzhou Opera House, Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, and the BMW Central Building in Leipzig. Star architect Zaha Hadid (1950–2016) was a pioneer of deconstructivist architecture; in 2014 she was the first woman to be honored with the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize. (Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects)

Zaha Hadid Architects on the web:

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With its 170 meters of projection surface, the castle of Karlsruhe is perhaps the largest, but definitely the most beautiful screen in Germany. 24 high performance projectors make the castle shine in a different splendor every night – available for everyone free of charge, in the center of Karlsruhe. Already during the first year of the “Schlosslichtspiele”, the “Schlossplatz” – the actual heart of Karlsruhe – was rediscovered by the people of Karlsruhe and enjoyed great popularity among all ages and income groups every night. Over the course of the summer, the “Schlossplatz” became the meeting point for everyone in Karlsruhe as well as tourists. It is a success story that continues in 2017.

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Events at the castle

Karlsruher Jazz Night Vol. 2
FR |
24th of August 2018

Up to date Big Band feat. Teddy Schmacht, Fola Dada und Thomas Siffling

Just in time for their 30th birthday, the Up to date Big Band will be playing at the 2nd Jazz Night in Karlsruhe, a special anniversary concert.

Get excited for swinging and grooving big band sounds and wonderful anniversary guests.

Such as Teddy Schmacht, who is already famous in Karlsruhe, the wonderful Fola Dada, famous for her gigs with the SWR Big Band and the native of Karlsruhe and by now international successful Jazz trumpet player Thomas Siffling will be sharing the stage with the Up to date Big Band. Together they will kick off a buoyant and joyful weekend.

Show start: 6 pm

The entrance is free.

Folo Dada

Teddy Schmacht

Thomas Siffling
Thomas Siffling

Up to date Big Band

In cooperation with Jazz Club Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe Marketing & Event GmbH and SP-SIFFLING PRODUCTIONS

3rd Foodtruck Convention Karlsruhe
FR | until SU |
7th September - 9th September 2017

Also 2018 in front of the castle at the Karl-Friedrich-Monument


Impressions of Schlosslichtspiele 2017

Photos: Uli Deck



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ZKM Karlsruhe

The ZKM | Center for Art and Media is a cultural institution that is unique worldwide, because it is a place that expands the original purposes of a museum. It is a place of all media and genres, of room-based arts, such as paintings, photography, and sculptures, as well as of time-based arts such as film, video, media art, music, dance, theater, and performance. The ZKM was founded in 1989 as a museum with the mission to perpetuate classic arts with the digital age. That is why it is sometimes also called the “electronic or digital Bauhaus” – an expression that is ascribed to Heinrich Klotz. Furthermore, the ZKM is also home to institutes and laboratories, in which people do scientific research, develop, and produce. Besides making sure that the original main idea of a museum, namely that works of art do not disappear, the ZKM has also taken over the task of creating the conditions for the creation of works of art – by guest artists and also by its employees. That is why it is called center and not museum.